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Stopping Garnishments

Our Experienced Bankruptcy Attorneys Will Help You Stop Garnishments

Are you wages being taken every paycheck from a creditor or government? Filing bankruptcy can make a lot of garnishments stop. Immediately.

Garnishments from Creditors; i.e. Credit Cards or Other Unsecured Debts

If you pursue a chapter 7 bankruptcy, you can eliminate any unsecured debt and not have to worry about it again. If you choose to file a chapter 13 bankruptcy, the Strouse Law Office can renegotiate the terms of the loan and set up a structured payment plan while possibly stopping any additional interest charges and possibly renegotiating the amount due. Then, the payments can be spead out over a period of up to 60 months.

Tax Garnishments

One of the most intimidating entities to deal with can be a government when it comes to making payment arrangements. Governments have a lot more punitive capabilities on hand for the poor soul who has to deal with them. Whether it is a state, local or the federal government that you owe money to, there are a number of solutions. Filing for chapter 13 bankruptcy can immediately stop a garnishment. That enables a person to make adequate arrangements over a period, as mentioned above, of up to 60 months. Paul Strouse or someone else in his office can negotiate the terms of the payment and how much will actually be paid by you. Many types of taxes are negotiable, especially federal income taxes more than three years old. If a situation is right, a large tax bill can be reduced to almost nothing. That is why you need to speak with one of our qualified attorneys who understands how tax debts are affected by bankruptcy laws.

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