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Stopping Bill Collectors

Our Experienced Bankruptcy Attorneys Will Help You Stop Bill Collectors

What are debt collectors?

Many financial institutions, medical organizations, governments and other creditor entities have in-house collection departments or hire agencies to go after you if you fall out of their prescribed payment structure. I some cases, the calls start when someone is just one day late. These calls can be demoralizing and some of the people who make these calls can be unnecessarily brutal which makes a bad situation worse. There have been many instances where bill collectors violate the law in order to reach their goals.

Can an attorney help me to stop getting harrassed by bill collectors?

Yes. If you are being harrassed by bill collectors and want them to stop, you need to call Milwaukee bankruptcy attorney Paul Strouse! He can also advise you of common illegal tactics used by collectors that you should be aware of. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is very clear on what prohibitions debt collectors have. The problem is that many are unaware of what those prohibitions are.

When you file for bankruptcy, the collectors need to stop immediately after they are notified of your filing. This means no more letters as well as no more calls at home, work, neighbors’ houses, or at relatives’ homes. This can help you regain peace of mind so you can work through a tough situation with a clearer head. After your case is filed, whenever a collector calls, you simply refer them to the Strouse Law Offices and that should be the last you hear from them. Bill collectors, especially those who represent unsecured debts, don’t like this on two fronts; one is that they realize they have to deal with an attorney who is well informed of your rights, two is because they realize they may not be getting any money from you.

Some clients ask about whether there is any recourse on debt collectors who violate your rights as a consumer by breaking collection laws. The answer is yes, absolutely. The measures that some collectors go to can get out of control. They can cause unnecessary embarrassment as well as threaten relationships, employment status as well as your image. Sometimes, filing for bankruptcy is the best way to eliminate this threat.

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If you are being harrassed by phone calls and/or letters, or if you are simply considering bankruptcy, please call Milwaukee bankruptcy attorney Paul Strouse today through one of the phone numbers at the top of this page and we can get the wheels in motion for a better life.

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