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Racial profiling is discrimination without any evidence. Unfortunately, many people judge others based on their appearance or the color of their skin. There are many cases of racial profiling for which you may have a legal case:

  • Unnecessary accusations
  • Bullying or arresting  through erroneous charges
  • Unlawful restrictions on using public properties, etc.

Our expert attorneys will help racial profiling victims get the justice and compensation against these discriminatory policies and actions.

What Can I do to Protect Myself from Racial Profiling?

Although police officers have authority, if you are involved in a confrontation, there are certain points you should adhere to:

  • Know your rights – If you are pulled over for a petty criminal offense, the police cannot search your vehicle unless there is a reason to believe that you’ve been involved in criminal activity

  • Observe all laws – This may seem obvious, but obeying the law makes it less likely that an officer could reasonably conduct a search on your vehicle.

  • Avoid arguing with the officer – Again, this may seem obvious, but it is still an important point that you should comply with all sensible guidance from the officer. Arguing with police can get you in serious trouble. The best place to challenge racial profiling is in court, not on the streets.

  • Document the officer’s information – Get the identification number, tag number, and name of the police officer and document a protest if you think your rights have been disregarded.

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